The hamster mobile porn history of "Dilijan" mineral water factory goes back to the times of Imperial Russia. The heavenly nature of the region had been famous for its curative impact on people"s health. It attracted many famous people to that place. The heeling effect of the water and nature was described in "Curative Caucasus" magazine article published in 1915.

Being gay movie located 20 meters from the spring, "Dilijan" factory is one of the unique in the world. The water comes out from the depth of 50 meters and is brought to the factory preserving all the natural curative qualities.


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"Dilijan" 3d hentai porn spring water is unique in its natural composition and it meets international standards. It is rich in mineral elements needed for the human health and it does not require any treatment (chemical, mechanical etc.).


Ca 2+ <   30 mg/l
Mg 2+   < 10  mg/l
F -       < 0,5  mg/l
Cl-           < 3 mg/l
NO3        < 3  mg/l
    < 3  mg/l
PO 4
  < 0,5 mg/l
HCO3 Bbw Porn -  150 mg/l
Ceneral rigidity  < 2,0 mmol/l 
Mineralization  < 200mg/l
PH 6,5-8,5