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The visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq cartoon porn comics to the "Dilijan" mineral water plant "
Tuesday, naked celebrities 02 October 2012 14:39


This naked celebrities year in September 7 “Dilijan” Mineral Water Plant was full of more people than usual. The delegation led by the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraque Rousch Nuri Shaways with the Governor of Tavush Region Armen Ghularyan, visited there. It should be noted that Iraq delegation was in Armenia with number of cooperation ideas, which contributes to the development of business relationships.

Both mobile porn tube the mineral and the spring water of Dilijan made a great impression on the delegation members. The guests’ attention was also attracted by the equipment of the latest generation, with which the plant is equipped nowadays. Mr. Shaways tasted both the mine source coarse water and the bottled water, then concluded that the natural aeration makes the taste of this water more delicate. The Deputy Prime Minister also appreciated that the mine source of Dilijan is free of radioactive metals’ influence, though it has 50 meters of depth.

So gay black today one of the best versions to introduce Armenian economy to the world is considered to be the “Dilijan” Mineral Water Plant with its modernity and the great history of its mine.